Our Story

Our History

While attending college at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, my meal of choice (and often necessity) was a tortilla and whatever I had lying around in the fridge at the moment.  The result was a meal that was healthy, balanced and portable; all things I like in food. This way of eating followed me around for then next ten years when at some point along the way, an idea was born: Why not create this food and make it available to the public? Years later after working in some of Denver’s Top 25 kitchens as a Sous Chef I decided to pursue my dream of creating a restaurant that focuses on ingredient driven, from scratch, global cuisine all delivered within the familiar confines of a tortilla.  With this simple goal in mind, I set out in 2013 with the intention of causing everyone who walks through our doors to “Rethink Burrito”.

Our Ingredients

HAPPINESS: Do what you love, love what you do.  The importance of this is impossible to overstate.

COMMUNITY: Bringing together our neighbors to make and break bread (or burritos).

CULTURE: You can find food at any restaurant, but not always culture.  We created Scratch Burrito and Happy Tap with the hope of bringing people together to exchange ideas, listen to music, participate in the community and contribute to local culture (often times best done over  a pint of local craft brew.)

LOCAL FOOD: Our food will always be seasonal, our beer always local.   Whenever the seasons allow, we will work with local farmers and purveyors to serve Colorado ingredients at their peak, right from our own backyard; sometimes literally.  At Scratch Burrito we will supplement our menu with produce from our own 300 sq. ft. garden and fresh herbs from our planters at the restaurant.